Wednesday, March 21, 2012

China Glaze "Heli-Yum"

~*~To moisturize your feet and keep them soft rub coconut oil into them at night and wear socks overnight once a week!~*~

Good morning everyone and happy spring!  We are still having record temps here in WI and I am enjoying every second of it!  I have another polish from the pink family today.  It's my first ever China Glaze polish, "Heli-Yum" this is an "older" polish and I actually got it from eBay.  I also picked up several others over the weekend so watch for those coming up on my blog!

Just a quick note I wanted to apologize for my terrible background images of my house and kitchen appliances, it's the only way I can get halfway decent pics with this camera! I hope it's not too distracting! LOL

I got full coverage in two coats and my topcoat here is Poshe.

This is my very first China Glaze so using this brush took a little getting used to, I feel like it's not very wide and it's not flat, it's more of a round brush.  I am so in love with this color!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

OPI "Charged Up Cherry"

 ~*~Tip of the day~*~  Using a glass nail file is much more gentle on your nails than a "regular" nail file!

Hi everyone!
Today's post is one of my all time favorites, OPI's "Charged Up Cherry"  It's a really juicy fuschia pink and one of my go to colors for summer!  Application was great, I had full coverage with two coats.  My topcoat here is Poshe.

Monday, March 12, 2012

OPI "Super Bass Shatter"

~*~Tip of the day~*~  Apply cuticle oil daily to keep them moisturized and looking fabulous!~*~

Hi everyone!  One of my girlfriends gave me OPI's "Super Bass Shatter" as a birthday gift and I decided to spice up Essie's Lilacism with it!!  Loving it, it shattered really well and has a little bit of a shimmer to it, I can't wait to try it over other colors!

This shatter applied really well and also shattered really great!  No problems at all!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Essie "Lilacism"

~*~Tip of the day~*~ always file your nails on one direction, try to avoid using a back and forth motion as it is more harsh on the nail!

Hello everyone!  The weather is getting more and more beautiful here in WI therefore putting me in the mood for spring and summer polishes!  The other day at the drugstore I decided to take a walk on the wild side and divert from OPI.  I picked up Essie's Lilacism.  I was super excited try out this color but was pretty disappointed ;(  I know a lot of people love Essie but it's just not for me!  

While I absolutely loved the lilac color the polish itself seems so dull compared to OPI it just doesn't have the right amount of shine, I also feel like this about some other Essie's that I own (then why do I keep buying them? LOL)  I got full coverage in three coats.  The brush was not the best and was difficult for me to work with (maybe it's just me)

So all in all after topcoat and cleanup it wasn't the worst, just not my favorite polish of all time :)

Friday, March 2, 2012

OPI "Cajun Shrimp"

 *~* Tip of the Day*~*  after exfoliating your feet while doing a pedicure, before you rinse them off rub in some honey, this is extremely moisturizing and great for your feet.  I also love doing this to my hands during a  manicure!

Good morning everyone!  Even thought it's been cloudy lately the weather is really warming up here in WI and I am so getting in the mood for spring and summer polishes! 

Today's post is probably one of my favorites every from OPI, it's OPI "Cajun Shrimp"

For this mani I used a matte base coat (OPI Ridge filler) and three coats of Cajun shrimp topped with Poshe.  The formula is great, very smooth and so shiny, when you add the topcoat it's soooo juicy, I just love it! <3  What's everyone's favorite spring and summer shades!??!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

~*~Make Your Own Footscrub~*~

Hello everyone!
Sorry for my absence lately, I've been down with a terrible virus but am finally starting to come back up!  Posts will be back to normal very soon!
So today I decided to do something a little different today and share one of my favorite things, my home made footscrub!  You can make this with only three ingredients that you probably have in your cupboards at home right now.
You will need:  Olive oil, Salt OR Sugar, & a small container (or large!)
First add your dry ingredients to the container : 1/2 cup salt  OR sugar. Then add your liquid ingredient , 1 tablespoon olive oil to your salt or sugar. Mush and mix all the ingredients with a spoon.

After the three main ingredients you can add other natural ingredients if you choose.  In this particular scrub I juiced an orange (2 tablespoons) into it (this is actually a cutie) and then grated in some zest.  You could also add lemon or lime or anything that is appealing to you. If you prefer a dryer scrub add your fruit or other potentially juicy ingredients carefully as they do add a lot of liquid.  You can also add a favorite essential oil (only about three or four drops) You can also add coconut oil to the scrub to make it extra yummy! when doing this put your salt/ sugar in first, then add half that amount of coconut oil, then continue to follow the recipe.
The finished product!

Close up your scrub and add a fun little label if you want to!
Enjoy during your next pedicure!