Wednesday, March 21, 2012

China Glaze "Heli-Yum"

~*~To moisturize your feet and keep them soft rub coconut oil into them at night and wear socks overnight once a week!~*~

Good morning everyone and happy spring!  We are still having record temps here in WI and I am enjoying every second of it!  I have another polish from the pink family today.  It's my first ever China Glaze polish, "Heli-Yum" this is an "older" polish and I actually got it from eBay.  I also picked up several others over the weekend so watch for those coming up on my blog!

Just a quick note I wanted to apologize for my terrible background images of my house and kitchen appliances, it's the only way I can get halfway decent pics with this camera! I hope it's not too distracting! LOL

I got full coverage in two coats and my topcoat here is Poshe.

This is my very first China Glaze so using this brush took a little getting used to, I feel like it's not very wide and it's not flat, it's more of a round brush.  I am so in love with this color!


  1. The color is so summery! Yummy jelly:)

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  3. I love this colour! Never heard of it before but now I need it :D

  4. What a gorgeous colour! I have just followed your blog, and your twitter :) I was making a twitter account for my blog and yours was suggested when I followed someone else's :)

    1. Well I actually meant to go back to your twitter and follow it now that I know you have a good blog but I can't find it! Follow me @hollylikes2blog and i'll follow back? xx