Friday, February 3, 2012

Gradient mani!

Today's post is an attempt at me being creative LOL  it's actually added on to my Ski Teal We Drop mani from Wednesday.  I used a bottle of NYC Glitter polish (it just happened to be laying around unused in my polish collection)
 To make this effect I applied a base color and then with the glitter of my choice sporadically applied the glitter on my nail being sure not to completely cover the nail in glitter.  I applied the glitter polish thicker at the top.  After letting it dry I added more to the top in order to make it look like the glitter was "falling down the nail" I then added a topcoat and ta da!
A gradient mani is fun because you can also utilize several different glitter polishes and mix them or alternate them between coats for an awesome effect.  I love doing gradient manis during the holidays, they are so festive!

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