Monday, February 6, 2012

Ped Egg (Another one of my favorite things!)

So I am one to go get professional pedicures but I love the Ped Egg for in between just to maintain. Every couple days after showering I take it and lightly go over any developing rough areas on my feet and then apply foot cream or lotion. I always go slowly and "with the grain" I don't rub it back and forth because that can cause very sore feet! Follow these little hints and I'm sure you will love this product as much as I do!
P.S. I purchased this at Walgreens although I am sure it is sold several other places :)


  1. Hi Amanda! Some Blogger weirdness is happening - my blogroll says that your newest post is "Today's post is the ever popular "half moon manicure" Valentine's Day is coming up so I couldn't resist doing it in pink and red!" - but I don't see it on your blog! Also, there's no clickable headline on my BR for your post - I'm wondering if you forgot to give it a headline, and maybe that's why it isn't showing up here.

    Anyway, I wanted to say.... if you can get a matching pedi on your hubby, you can enter my V-D Couples Nails Photo contest - details are on my blog...

    1. Hi Steve!
      Sorry for the confusion but I had to take this post down bc I was having trouble with a link that I wanted to add to it that included a tutorial so I posted the Ped Eg for today instead. Watch for the half moon mani post this week!