Thursday, January 26, 2012

My fav topcoats

Today I thought I would share my new fave topcoat with you!  It's called Poshe, and it can be purchased at Sally Beauty.  It's fast drying.  I'm good to go in 10 min, it probably doesn't even take that long but I don't trust myself so I always wait a little longer ;)  Before this I used SecheVite (also can be purchased at Sally Beauty) and really loved it, it's also a fast drying topcoat.  This is lasting just as long and may even last longer, I've had it on for three days now.  The main difference I noticed is that Posh does not lose its shine, my nails are sooo shiny and the color looks so juicy still, where when using Seche Vite my nails seemed to dull after a few days. I heard that you can also reapply Poshe after a few days to refresh your mani without worrying about your polish peeling off, so I will have to try that also!

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